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To ensure that your chimney is understood by your chimney sweep, it is important that your chimney sweep is local to Blakeley. This will ensure that your chimney sweep will be able to provide you with the best service!

Our customers have become more than that; they are now like family, and we treat them as such!

At Chimney Repair Mobile, we strive to provide a quality service with excellent craftsmanship to ensure a great end result.

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Our goal is to provide high-quality service to our customers that will establish loyalty and trust. Our first-class team is trained and experts in the field of work. We’re clean and considerate about protecting your property and home. We’ll call ahead with expected arrival times or delays, and provide before-and-after photos of our work.

The Chimney Sweep Process:

Depending on how many floors you have, how big your fireplace is and how dirty it may be, as well as how prepared the area is will depend on how long the process will take. A sweep with an inspection could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours.

When your chimney sweep arrives, it would be time saving if you have removed everything out from in front of the fireplace including rugs, and any decorations off of the mantle, as well as moving any outdoor furniture or planters away from the area that the sweeps will be placing their ladders to gain access to the chimney from. They will put on booties wear a mask and will begin by covering any nearby furniture and floors, if there are two sweeps one will access the roof and the other will bring in a HEPA certified ash vacuum. The vacuum nozzle will be placed in the smoke chamber by the smoke shelf so the ash, soot and creosote that is being pushed down by the sweep on the roof will not enter into your home. Once the sweep on the roof is finished brooming the flue he will begin the inspection of the outside portion of the chimney, they will be looking for cracked bricks and crumbling mortar, efflorescence (a discoloration that signifies moisture problems) and cracks in the crown.

The technician on the inside will be cleaning the inside portion of the flue and fireplace until it is free of any ash, soot or creosote once clean the technician will then begin the inspection of the inside aspects of the fireplace

Quality Service

We have locations in the Mobile area as a premier source for fireplace services and products. Specializing in everything from chimney sweeping, chimney inspections, chimney caps & chase covers to chimney liners, masonry repairs, waterproofing, and animal removals, we are sure to have the solution to your fireplace needs.

Benefits to having your chimney swept

Fire Prevention

Fireplaces create soot and creosote while burning wood. Creosote is extremely flammable and easily combustible in large amounts. Let us sweep your chimney to avoid detrimental chimney fires and other damages that can derive from creosote

Flue Protection

Increase the lifespan of your chimney flue liner and ensure the safety of your home with an annual cleaning by Chimney Repair Mobile. The flue is the gateway that removes harmful toxins, smoke, and gas from your chimney. Not only can a dirty chimney cause fires from creosote build-up but it can also allow exhaust fumes into your home, leading to serious health concerns.

Heating Efficiency

A clogged and dirty chimney with an excessive amount of soot and creosote will hinder your fireplace from effectively heating your home. Let Chimney Repair Mobile clean your chimney to ensure you have a home that is warm and comfortable, especially during the winter months.

Odor Prevention

During the warmer months, a smelly chimney is the most common sign that your chimney needs to be professionally cleaned. This smell can be the result of creosote, soot, animal obstructions, excessive moisture, or negative air pressure. Prevent chimney odors with an annual chimney sweeping with us.

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